The Right Running Shoe – Runners World’s Fall 2012 Running Shoe Guide


The Right Running Shoe – Runners World’s Fall 2012 Running Shoe Guide

As we enter the fall cross country season, many runners are also looking for the right shoe. Runner’s World is a magazine staple for most runners, and their running shoe guide is a great way to narrow the search. Their on line guide not only has weight and descriptions but also has video as well. This is a great way to figure out which shoe should be on your shopping list. Then, you can go to your local Roadrunner Sports, The Running Company, Runners High or any other store you choose and find the right one for you.

One word of caution though… Since running shoes are made over seas, often they are sized differently than you would think, often as much as a full size different. This can make finding the right shoe a little trickier since not all salespeople are great at sizing you. You need to be knowledgeable of how to size a shoe, which will make finding the right shoe, with the right fit a whole lot easier.

Watch our two videos on How To Size A Shoe and Lock Lacing. Then go to the store and try them on. Often the right shoe may slide in the heel, which is where lock lacing is important. Remember that the companies who manufacture shoes are making them for the masses, and not necessarily for you, which is why proper sizing is very important.

Fall 2012 Shoe Guide

We’ve simplified your task of finding the right running shoe by reviewing 23 top new models. By Jeff Dengate & Martyn Shorten, Ph.D. Image by Jon ReinfurtFrom the September 2012 issue of Runner’s World

Finding the right pair of shoes is a highly subjective exercise, but we’ve simplified the task by reviewing 23 top new models. To find the best pair for you, answer the questions in this flowchart. Note: The flowchart is a PDF download. Your choices will lead to a set of options tailored to meet your needs and preferences. For even more reviews, see

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