Three new studies on Headache, lower back and neck pain suggest chiropractic methods are the least costly methods of treatment.

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Three new studies on Headache, lower back and neck pain suggest chiropractic methods are the least costly methods of treatment.

More than ever, when you visit your doctor for a health condition, patients find out that the first few dollars are purely theirs, rather than the insurance carriers, that pay for the care they received.  Ask anyone who has a large deductible plan, which is more common than ever before, and they will tell you that they need to strategize to meet this large sum before any insurance company begins to pay the doctor.

When we had 10 dollar copayments, cost effectiveness was appreciated but never affected our pocketbooks.  Now with higher deductible plans becoming the norm, now, more than ever, we are told we need to choose the most cost effective services, even though there is little transparency in the cost of hospitalization, or the tests we may be ask to take by our doctor.   Most tests are the same from facility to facility such as an MRI, or blood tests, so price checking these services makes sense.   During an emergency, nobody thinks that way and when you are researching which therapies or treatments to choose for problems such as back or neck pain, the results may not only be practitioner dependent, but also profession dependent, meaning that who you visit first can make a huge difference on the effectiveness as well as the cost of the care.

Three studies recently suggested that chiropractors were more cost effective in treating headaches, neck pain as well as lower back problems.  This is of course, not the only studies that show this, but the evidence is growing that visiting a chiropractor first is the most cost effective way of treating these problems safely.

You can check out the studies that were just published in the JMPT (Journal of Manipulative Therapeutics).  There are three additional reasons that your primary doctor should be referring to a chiropractor first for conditions such as neck pain, back pain and even headaches.  Believe it or not, most chiropractors will resolve your problem for less than the cost of an MRI or other test your doctor may order, and if you require medical attention, they are trained to refer you if necessary.  The good news is more often than not, the chiropractor will resolve or significantly improve your problem.

Check these three studies out that were done in North Carolina.

Consumer Reports as well as Bottom Line Personal has been recommending chiropractic care for its cost effectiveness and high rates of patient satisfaction.  Now, more than ever is a great time to visit a chiropractor.