Which are the best running shoes for flat feet?

Which are the best running shoes for flat feet?

If you have flat feet, you require a different style of shoe to keep your feet from becoming painful.   You may wonder which are the best running shoes for flat feet.

Most articles will offer you one size fits all advice, but truthfully, one size or style does not fit all.  If you have feet that are severely flat and overpronated, you may require different support than someone with a moderate flat foot.

The purpose of the shoe is to help you navigate the terrain while reducing shock from the ground.   While many people focus on the shoe itself, it is also important to consider your body style, symmetry, also whether an insert in the shoe can be part of the winning combination to help you stay on the road pain-free.

Most running injuries are from repetitive impact.   If you are built asymmetrically, your body will adapt to this in ways you couldn’t imagine.  Since we only know what we know based on our experience in our bodies, the pain usually is what gets us to notice something is wrong.

In the past, those with flat feet have been sold expensive motion control shoes.   Often, these same folks would do better with a good middle of the line shoe with a foot orthotic to reduce the asymmetry.

Then, of course, if your choice of shoe.   Those with very flat feet do better with a more structured shoe that has a stiffer heel counter (the back of the shoe by the heel) and a straight last (the bottom of the shoe).

Check out this article regarding running shoes for those of you with flat feet.  This may help you find the best shoe for you.

The 5 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

September 4, 2020 | By Haley Butterfield

Having flat feet can be painful. And no one wants to get left behind on their next hike or run because of foot pain.

During World War II, one of the things that could disqualify a soldier from being drafted was flat feet. A soldier who couldn’t march or be on their feet without too much pain couldn’t be as effective or efficient.

This qualification has since been modified — flat feet don’t disqualify a person from service any longer. But what are flat feet and why can they be painful?

What Are Flat Feet?
According to the Mayo Clinic, “flat feet” is a condition that is characterized by fallen arches and is basically when your entire foot is flush to the floor when standing. This condition can be genetic or caused by an injury. Or your feet might just flatten through the normal wear and tear of life.

Sometimes it can be quite painful, and other times it’s pain-free. But even if it’s not painful, it may have other side effects. Your posture, position of your legs, ankles, and knees can all be affected. If you do have pain, you should start by speaking with your doctor about treatment and pain management plans.

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