Ways to Prevent Sports Related Knee Injuries

Ways to Prevent Sports Related Knee Injuries (a guest post)

When you play hard, your knees are one of the first things that will suffer. Repeated motion of your legs and the strain your knees endure will take its toll on your joints and can severely hinder your activities later in life. Taking care of your knees should be a main concern as they are the means for mobility without the use of canes, crutches, or wheelchairs.

1. Equipment – Depending on the sport or activity you’re involved in, protection for your knees can help keep them from suffering damage. Many of these protective devices will double as a brace in order to keep the knee-cap in place while you play. Regardless of the need, using recommended equipment for any sport will keep you in the game longer.

2. Over Exertion – It’s one thing to be tough, it’s another to over exert yourself and your abilities. Putting more strain on your knees than you have been trained for can cause severe repercussions that will surely cause you to retire. Your body isn’t made of steel no matter how much you wish it to be. Exerting yourself beyond your limits only causes physical damage that could be irreversible. Start your training at lower levels and gradually increase the output. Don’t start off thinking you are immortal.

3. Exercise – Stretches and a regular exercise routine can help keep your joints mobile and strengthened. The longer you lapse in these exercises, the more your knees will be unforgiving when you try to accomplish tasks you once took for granted. Think of these exercises as maintenance for the body.

You body is a machine. Like all machines, you need to keep parts running smoothly with continued maintenance. The longer you go without this maintenance, the more effort you need to put back into it in order to operate at optimal efficiency.

4. Diet – Eating the right foods can do wonders for the body all around. By eating right, your body will have the nutrients it needs in order to keep every part running smoothly. Healthier dieting can give you energy to burn reducing the work your knees need to commit to by keeping yourself mobile.

5. ACL Rehabilitation – Your anterior cruciate ligament is important to your sporting profession. Rupturing or tearing your ACL can cause a great deal of pain and can make walking next to impossible let alone sporting activities. Rehabilitation for ACL surgeries and injuries can take a great deal of time and is dependent on your age. The more time you spend in rigorous rehabilitation, the greater are your chances of returning back to your sport of choice. However, cutting the rehab short when you are not at optimum efficiency could cause more damage and effectively end your career in most strenuous sporting activities.


Regardless of the amount of care you put into protecting your knees, they can eventually give out on you. These are just measures to prolong your activity. It’s a fact of life that everything breaks down over time preventing continued strenuous activity. However, taking measures to keep your knees protected and healthy can add longevity to your play. Why should you retire from your activity of choice if you can deter the pain and anguish a little longer?

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