What?, high cholesterol improves survival after a stroke?

What?, high cholesterol improves survival after a stroke? That’s not what my doctor told me!

Here is a little nugget on cholesterol that is quite different than you have heard from your doctor. Most doctors are preaching that high cholesterol above a certain amount is bad, low cholesterol is good. While cholesterol is just one of 18 supposed risk factors for stroke or heart attack, it is also important for proper function of the muscles, liver and other systems. Apparently, current research does not agree with what the drug companies would like your doctor to believe.

Cholesterol apparently helps you survive a stroke and a lower level of cholesterol makes you less likely to survive a stroke. Check this out

Question: Is there a benefit to having high cholesterol?
Dr. Brownstein’s Answer:
In the August 2013 issue of the Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease, researchers looked at patients’ long-term survival after a stroke. They studied 190 stroke patients admitted to a hospital in Sweden and classified the patients as having high or low cholesterol, depending on their levels upon admission. “High cholesterol” was established as greater than 178 mg/dL, while less than that was “low cholesterol.”
Compared with those in the high cholesterol group, patients with low cholesterol were found to have an 8 percent lower survival rate at three months, 11 percent lower survival at one year, and 27 percent lower survival at five years. Overall, there was a 97 percent increased mortality risk in low-cholesterol subjects.
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