Which 8 sports are most dangerous to your children?

Which 8 sports are most dangerous to your children?

When choosing sports for your children, many of us never consider which ones may be the most safe. Yahoo and Men’s Health lists the 8 most dangerous sports.

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8 Most Dangerous Sports for Your Kids

By Bill Phillips and the Editors of Men’s Health Apr 26, 2013

Both of my daughters are avid soccer players, so this moment was inevitable. It just came much sooner than I expected. Last winter, indoor league. A teammate on my 10-year-old’s team blasted a shot from the corner. It bounced off a defender’s leg, and flew into the air. My daughter sprinted toward it, cocked her neck, and headed it into the goal. Her teammates celebrated with her. Hugs all around. I sighed. I knew what I’d be doing the rest of the day—pouring through concussion research.

The first thing I learned: I’m glad I had daughters, and they don’t want to play football. Studies suggest that about 67,000 high school football players are diagnosed with concussions each year. Recent work says that number could be way low: Half of high school footballers surveyed in a 2012 study said they’d felt concussion symptoms in the past, but hadn’t reported them.

The youngest players have the oldest equipment and least experienced coaches, says Brent Masel, M.D., medical director of the Brain Injury Association of America. And their brains are particularly vulnerable to trauma because neurons aren’t fully sheathed in myelin—a protective covering of cells. In other words, their brain cells are like telephone wires without any protective coating.

Makes a dad wonder: Are my kids at risk? Are yours? Below are eight sports that put kids’ brains on the front lines.

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