Why do mosquito’s bite some people more than others? Here is some great info and an effective method for avoiding them.

zika_virus-450x300Why do mosquito’s bite some people more than others?  Here is some great info and an effective method for avoiding them.

Nothing is more annoying than sitting with friends in the back yard and being bitten up by mosquitos.   Even worse, most recently, the Zika scare has everyone on edge because it is transmitted by mosquitos.

Why do some people get bitten worse than others?

How can we avoid being bitten and what is the best way to repel mosquitos so their annoyance is minimized?

Here is an informative web site that offers some great tips and advice for avoiding mosquito bites and why some of us tend to attract them more than others.

This Is Why Mosquitoes Bite Some People and Don”™t Touch Others.

Mosquitoes are nasty, irritating insects whose presence can easily ruin an otherwise perfect time. The way they buzz and swarm all around, waiting to land on some warm body to bite, is enough to drive anyone insane.

The worst part about the pesky blood suckers are the diseases they carry, which they transmit straight into your body and bloodstream when they bite. Every year worldwide almost 700 million people end up contracting a mosquito borne illness resulting in over a million deaths. That number keeps growing and the scary fact is what makes them the #1 killer of humans.

The current ongoing public health crisis surrounding the Zika Virus, which is spread by mosquitoes, is causing all sorts of health issues. It”™s only the latest international health threat that”™s related directly to mosquito bites and it”™s in good company. Many diseases are spread mainly or exclusively by mosquitoes including malaria, dengue, encephalitis, West Nile virus, and more. While it”™s best to avoid the flying terrors all together, that”™s basically impossible because if they want to bite you they will, or die trying.

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