Your next vaccine may not be as effective as you think; find out why.


Your next vaccine may not be as effective as you think; find out why.

We are in the heavily promoted flu season and many people have elected to have the flu vaccine with the belief that if they are vaccinated, they will not become ill. This is especially heavily promoted among the elderly who are more likely to succumb to an illness.

What if the promoters of a vaccine lied? The truth is that in a few instances the large pharmaceutical companies have done just that, hiding side effects and making fraudulent medical claims. While I would never tell someone not to be vaccinated, the question is how and with what? Big Pharma is in the business of selling product and making a lot of money as they do so. The question, is the dollar more important than your health? You may want to read this article and you may be shocked to find out that they will do anything to move a product, regardless of the effectiveness of what they produced. By the way, the best way to be vaccinated is to go where many people are such as a train, bus, or crowded area. Your body will respond with immunity to whatever is around you which may be a safer approach than having something injected or inhaled that may be the Flu or perhaps a disease we are trying to eradicate.

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Doc Eifrig: What you need to know before you get your next vaccine

Monday, January 27, 2014

Beware of fraudulent medical claims… In December, a professor from Iowa State University admitted to faking blood tests that showed he found a potential vaccine for the AIDS virus. Positive results meant he received an additional $19 million in milestone grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) – the U.S. government’s medical research agency.

The NIH tested the blood samples, uncovering the hoax. But it was a bit late. More than $100 million dollars went down the drain on this guy’s lies.

This isn’t the first case of fraud in the vaccine industry.

Allegedly, beginning in 2000, scientists from Merck falsified blood tests to make Merck’s mumps vaccine appear to be more effective. It turned out that vaccine probably spread mumps instead of vaccinating against the disease.

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If you believe the Flu shot is worthwhile as well as its risks, you may want to read this article written by a physician. Unfortunately, the government in all its wisdom has people who work for the large pharmaceutical companies making policy and deciding which strain of flu the country promotes for billions of dollars the following year. The science (if you can call it that) is that the strain begins in China and within a year, has made it around the world so that is what you and I are told to vaccinate against.

Since this rarely works (remember swine flu, one of many examples), perhaps a better public policy may be to teach the public about the benefits of a stronger immune system. You can improve your immune system by allowing yourself to come in contact with many types of bacteria and avoiding hand sanitizers in most instances. Since your immune system is constantly exercised, it gets stronger. Using this logic, going into crowds where people are will stimulate your immune system and vaccinate you naturally.

If you do begin to feel symptoms coming on, you may wish to be armed with our cold survival kit available in our offices (

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Case Closed: New Flu Vaccine Worthless

As a physician, I receive emails from Medscape. Medscape provides information and research articles for physicians. These emails contain news about drugs, medical procedures, and vaccinations. On January 3, 2014 I received an email titled, “High Dose Flu Vaccine: The Evidence Is In.” This interested me as I have done extensive research on the flu vaccine and know that it is ineffective at preventing the flu, especially in the elderly.

When I clicked the link, I was directed to a video by a well-known physician. I listened to the two-minute video and was shocked at what the doctor said. She stated, “In December, 2009, high-dose sesasonal flu vaccine for seniors aged 65 years or older (Fluzone®) was granted accelerated approval by the U.S. FDA.” Fluzone® is four times as strong as the standard dosed flu vaccine.

Describing the results of the study, the doctor said, “The results: case closed. The high-dose shot was more effective in seniors. It was 24% better at preventing the flu than the standard flu shot.”

Case closed? Be still my beating heart. I have written about the problems with the flu vaccines in previousblog posts as well as my newsletter, Dr. Brownstein’s Natural Way to Health. There have been no good studies showing that the flu vaccine is effective for seniors.

Case closed? I decided to look at the study in more detail. Here are the results.

The trial encompassed 32,000 adults aged 65 years or older in the U.S. and Canada. It was performed during the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 flu seasons. Subjects were randomized to receive either the regular flu vaccine (Fluzone®) or the higher dosed flu vaccine (Fluzone High-Dose®). The rate of laboratory-confirmed influenza among subjects receiving the high dose vaccine was 1.43% compared to 1.89% for those receiving the regular flu vaccine.

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