6 Running exercises you can do now to improve your strength, running form and speed.

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6 Running exercises you can do now to improve your strength, running form and speed. We are at the beginning of running season, and as the weather warms, many of you have no doubt signed up to do a local 5 or 10k.   Most running problems develop due to a lack of strength or poor form, and often these problems develop later on during our runs while we are warmed up.  Unfortunately, many of us may not notice a problem until later on after the run. Running exercises can improve your strength, endurance and speed. Here are 6 exercises you can do now to help you run better, and avoid end of run fatigue. These Are the 6 Best Strength Exercises for Runners ASHLEY MATEO April 16, 2018 Strength training plays a key role in your development as a runner, helping to build muscle so that your body can handle the repetitive stress of all that pavement pounding. And the stronger you are, the faster you’ll go. "Running is all about creating force," explains Tamara Pridgett, a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified trainer and All-American sprinter, who also recommends sneaking in some core work during your training. "The more force you can generate, when done with proper technique, the faster you’ll run—and to improve the max force we apply to the ground, one must lift weights." Here, her favorite run-strong moves. Read more