In-Office Rehab

Our North Brunswick office features a rehabilitation facility which compliments the integrated approach to care we provide. This allows us, using free weights, exercise bands, balance boards and other equipment to rehabilitate many injuries at low cost to the public.

Use of the facility is free for any patient who is under a treatment plan with established goals. Exercises are given to all our patients in both our North Brunswick and Scotch Plains facilities as part of our treatment plans. Limited facilities are also available in our Scotch Plains office.

We encourage our patients to continue their rehabilitation goals on their own after discharge from care. Our patients continue their rehab plans when they are have completed their doctor contact needs in our office. Allowing the free use of our rehabilitation facility without an appointment makes fulfilling rehabilitation goals easier and cost effective for our patients. Many patients who do not belong to a gym agree this is a terrific unique benefit to being a patient in our office.