Your First Visit

Your first visit is very important for both you and the doctor, since we want to make sure you have the very best experience possible.

Prior to your first visit, you can download our patient history, Hipaa and most of the paperwork necessary for your first visit. If possible, please download and fill out the new patient form. If you have not been in for a while, please fill in the returning patient form.

Most of the forms can be filled out on the screen and printed for easy reading.

Our staff will take all your insurance information and personal information in advance to make sure when you arrive; your insurance coverage has been verified and there are no unexpected surprises.

Please bring any x rays, MRI discs, reports and any medical records you have with you, for the doctor to evaluate during your initial visit.

You can expect to have a conversation first with the doctor about what’s bothering you, and your previous history. We will ask you do to some simple range-of-motion exercises, orthopedic tests, an in depth evaluation of your posture and body style as well as functional screens to help us evaluate your complaint(s). After thoroughly evaluating you, we may take some digital x-rays if necessary and review them with you during the visit.

At that point, we’ll explain what we’ve found, how it is related to your complaint (s) and if appropriate, we can perform your first treatment including a chiropractic adjustment, myofascial release treatment and give you appropriate exercises on this visit. Of course, we won’t do anything without talking to you about it first, we always explain what we’re going to do and why, and we will do our best to work within your comfort zone.

If you’re not a candidate for chiropractic care, we will recommend you to some of the top doctors in our area who specialize in the care you need.