This rarely discussed health care secret will help you avoid years of chronic pain.

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This rarely discussed health care secret will help you avoid years of chronic pain. Most people assume that we are supposed to hurt and fall apart as we age. For many over the age of 40, there are indeed changes in flexibility and in the types of things we can do as compared to when we were younger. The problem is compounded when your local health care primary doctor assumes this is normal, and makes you feel like everyone goes through this. The hard truth is that there are many people who age really well, while others have knees and hips as well as other joints that go bad. Have you ever wondered what is different about those people? Most of us never have. Since we have always been built a certain way, which by the way has the result being chronic pain for some, and since this is all we have ever known (let's call this our frame of reference), and since you can never jump inside the body of someone else, you will never likely experience what someone else's body feels like. In other words, if you are always stiff, and inflexible, you will likely think this is normal and compare this to everything else you feel. If one day, you hurt your back, you willlikely say it was fine until I did ... . The truth here is that your normal may not be normal at all, however, you may consider this to be normal for you. Since you are surrounded by people who not only look a little like you (unless you were adopted), but walk like you too, you may never realize it is not normal to be in constant pain, since your parents, grandparent's as well as cousins all suffered from similar problems that you grew to accept as the norm. Did you know there is a secret inherited trait that defines who is most likely to have those problems and those who do not? That secret inherited trait is how we are built. Those who are built asymmetrically tend to experience more pain than those who are built symmetrically. Those who are built asymmetrically tend to be stiff all the time, however, they consider it normal and for some, exercises keeps them loose (or does it provide the illusion of flexibility). Many people find that if they do not go to the gym regularly, they feel really stiff. They then go to the gym which kicks off endorphins from the workout and later on feel stiff again. What they do not know is that eventually, they will hurt so bad that they can no longer work out and they will never understand why unless they understand this simple concept.
Asymmetry is an inherited trait that is the source of most chronic pain.
The truth is finally out there. You are probably wondering why? The simple answer is that all forces go through our mid section, also known as the core. All muscle are controlled the fascia, not the muscles themselves. This concept contradicts what most doctors where taught, including myself. Recent work by Thomas Myers , the author of Anatomy Trains and also discussed in the book "Cheating Mother Nature; What you need to know to beat chronic pain" (available on shows the myofasia which most doctors cut through during their anatomy lab controls movement. The problem is that all force from the ground up goes through this region which when stable and functioning properly, helps us walk efficiently. When we walk, the force comes through the core into the upper body. When you are built asymmetrically, the fascia will distort since it molds according to the forces placed upon it. If those forces from the ground up are asymmetrical, the core will eventually distort, which causes your legs to tighten, may be the cause of idiopathic scoliosis (discussed in detail in Cheating Mother Nature) and cause back pain, neck pain, disc problems and in the worst body styles, prematurely destroy perfectly capable knees and hips. What is worse is that most doctors do not understand or are suspicious of this claim simply because they have little knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and body mechanics is out of their scope of knowledge, understanding the limits of the medical diagnostic paradigm which labels symptoms as conditions rather than attempts to understand why the conditions develop. Simple tips to see if body style is at the cause of your pain. 1. When your clothes taylor says both legs are different lengths, you likely are built asymmetrically. 2. If you wear high heel shoes and your back feels better, you are built asymmetrically. 3. If your chiropractor sees your hips are always out the same way, you are likely built asymmetrically (you may wish to ask him or her about foot orthotics). 4. If your parent constantly yelled at you to straighten up, you are likely built asymmetrically and may even have flat feet. Slouching is not a habit, it is a response to gravity. Simple things you can do to create symmetry and avoid chronic pain. 1. Regular visits to massage therapist or a chiropractor who performs myofascial release with manipulation to the back and extremities - this can help you avoid chronic pain. 2. Wear foot orthotics. This can level out the body and improve the way you feel. 3. Take Pilates, do the Wii fit or other regimens that help stabilize the core. Let me know what you think. As always, I value your opinion.