Do you want a chiseled six pack or a stronger and more effective core? Some advice from the NY Times.

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The core for some of us are tight abdominals and many have overworked them, only to experience neck, shoulder, and even knee pain later on.  Some experience stomach pain as well and may believe the pain is due to a stomach problem.  Enduring upper and lower GI studies can be diagnostically difficult and eventually, the tests can often come back negative. You may have achieved the chiseled six-pack but the tightness of the fascia will affect how you move and how your posture is, resulting in pain in the shoulders, neck, and back.   There is a better way. The core is not your abs but an effective balanced core can help you move feel and function better.   It can make it much easier to lift your children, and participate in sports without the periodic pulled muscle, and can help you run faster and longer more easily. As part of our chiropractic practice, we incorporate many core exercises to strengthen and tone these areas while we work through dysfunctions such as torsion of the core that can make even a toned core function poorly which makes you stiff and tight. Sometimes you can benefit from foot orthotics which level the hips while improving core efficiency.  Our patients are aware of the benefits of wearing a device that improves how they function. A well-functioning core must stabilize you getting off a chair, during a tennis match, during a long walk or run, and even during your gym workouts.  Many turn to pilates which can be helpful however, if they are not correcting a torqued core, you may wish to see a chiropractor in conjunction to get the most out of your pilates classes.   Yoga also has some great exercises for core stability and function although it is one size fits all.  In our office, our care must fit you since we are all different with different needs, shapes, heights, and sexes. A recent article in the NY Times offered some advice on core training with some creative exercises as well.   While they are not a substitute for chiropractic care when needed, it is a great supplement to help you help yourself.  Check out the article below.

For a Stable, Strong Core, Forget About Crunches

If the goal of your workout is to walk away with a chiseled six-pack, you’re missing the point.

By Jenny Marder Feb. 8, 2023 To perform well at virtually any sport, you need a strong core. This is a no-brainer for rowing, golf, and dancing, but it’s also true for less obvious activities: Your core gives you the stability you need to play darts, for example and the power you need to play Ping-Pong. A stronger core makes everyday life easier, too, resulting in fewer injuries, better posture and balance, and less back pain. Yet fitness experts say most people get core training wrong. The core may be the most misunderstood muscle group in the body — and core exercises are often the most dreaded part of a workout, what with the endless situps and planks. Read more Need more help than these exercises may offer?  Book online here.