A cure for type 1 diabetes; check this out.

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Imagine that you had type 1 diabetes and your body requires insulin to survive.   Then imagine that scientists perfected a method of curing the condition. A new treatment using stem cells offers new hope for those who are unable to manufacture their own insulin and have to constantly monitor their sugar levels daily.   Sure, new technologies have made this easier but early studies according to the NY Times may show promise that in the near future, we can cure type 1. Type 1 can occur in young children as juvenile diabetes or in adults who suddenly find out they no longer produce insulin.   This new technology is a game-changer.  Check out the article below

A Cure for Type 1 Diabetes? For One Man, It Seems to Have Worked.

A new treatment using stem cells that produce insulin has surprised experts and given them hope for the 1.5 million Americans living with the disease. By Gina Kolata Nov. 27, 2021 Brian Shelton’s life was ruled by Type 1 diabetes. When his blood sugar plummeted, he would lose consciousness without warning. He crashed his motorcycle into a wall. He passed out in a customer’s yard while delivering mail. Following that episode, his supervisor told him to retire, after a quarter-century in the Postal Service. He was 57. His ex-wife, Cindy Shelton, took him into her home in Elyria, Ohio. “I was afraid to leave him alone all day,” she said. Early this year, she spotted a call for people with Type 1 diabetes to participate in a clinical trial by Vertex Pharmaceuticals. The company was testing a treatment developed over decades by a scientist who vowed to find a cure after his baby son and then his teenage daughter got the devastating disease. Read more