A painful side effect of vaccines you should be aware of.

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A painful side effect of vaccines you should be aware of. The safety of vaccines has been debated for years now. The use of thimerosal, which is a known preservative containing mercury may have caused problems.  The frequency of how many vaccinations are safe in a particular time period is also an ongoing discussion. It is possible that the current generation's sensitivity to nuts and other foods, and the increased diagnosis of asthma and other health conditions on the rise may be linked to too many too soon vaccination programs such as the one in place in NJ. Each year the flu vaccine campaigns come out in full force, warning us to get a vaccination that maybe has an effectiveness of 20 percent or less in a typical year. One thing that is often not talked about are the known side effects caused by injection site errors, which can leave a joint painful for months or years. Is the ounce of prevention worth the risk?  For some vaccines that have a proven record of safety and effectiveness, the answer is of course yes.   For others such as the flu vaccine which has a questionable value, when going on a crowded train may be a more accurate exposure to what is local to us may be a better alternative to boosting our immunity for those with healthy functioning immune systems. Other vaccines such as Lymerix for Lyme had been removed from the marketplace while another one for shingles is only 50 percent effective. SIRVA, or Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration, is a lesser known complication due to the injection site.  The shoulder can be painful for days, weeks or months when the injection site is not appropriate by the shoulder joint. Read more below Vaccine Warning: It's not what's in the syringe that's causing excruciating pain Despite millions spent to resolve claims around vaccine shots given incorrectly, our investigation finds no one is going back to retrain or even notify the person who caused the pain. Author: Rebecca Lindstrom, Lindsey Basye Muscle fatigue, excruciating pain and debilitating weakness -- these are the potential side effects they don’t tell you about when you get a shot. In this case, it’s not the vaccine, but the person administering it, that is causing problems. Susan Webber learned the hard way about SIRVA, or Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration, in 2015. She injured her eye and went to the urgent care clinic near her home. The clinic recommended a tetanus shot. She agreed. Read more