A teen has already broken some of Usain Bolt’s track records; Athletes all over are getting it done.

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Usain Bolt was known for his ability to frustrate even the most accomplished track and field athletes due to his freight train-like acceleration and speed. Records are made to be broken and the NY Times recently reported about Erriyon Knighton, just out of high school who has already lowered Bolt’s world junior record in the 200 meters. A local Favorite, Sydney Mclaughlin has done similarly in hurdles as she broke her own records and there are many others now reporting record-breaking times in track and field events.   Basically, athletes are getting much faster through better training regimens as coaches use the best science available to explore our physical limits.  She initially went to the Olympics while attending Union County Catholic and her dad was a well-known runner as well. Erriyon Knighton broke the world's record for the 200-meter race on April 30th at the age of 18 years old. Check out the story on him in the NY Times

This Teen Has Already Broken Some of Usain Bolt’s Records. He’s Getting Faster.

Erriyon Knighton, just out of high school, has already lowered Bolt’s world junior record in the 200 meters. “It’s almost like he’s a pogo stick,” Knighton’s coach said. By Jeré Longman Published June 23, 2022 TAMPA, Fla. — When Erriyon Knighton, a few months past his 18th birthday, became the fourth-fastest 200-meter runner in history on April 30, his fellow sprinter Michael Cherry tweeted in amazement, “That boy got algebra on Monday.” Knighton was still weeks away from graduating high school when he ran half a lap around the track in 19.49 seconds, lowering his own world junior record once held by Usain Bolt, at the L.S.U. Invitational in Baton Rouge, La. Knighton had turned professional in January 2021, days before his 17th birthday. Months later, he finished fourth in the 200 at the Tokyo Olympics, so his victory at this low-key meet was not unexpected. It was how fast Knighton crossed the finish line at such a young age that was startling. Read more