A Tripledemic of Covid, Flu and RSV? Perhaps medical marketing has reached a new level.

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During the pandemic, experts reported through major newspapers that we were going to have bad flu seasons or that we would have Flu-Rona, a combination of Flu and Coronavirus cases. A while ago, a friend of mine proudly said she hadn't had the Flu for 12 years and attributed it to the Flu vaccines she had received those years.   I had said that I haven't had the Flu for 30 years and never had a Flu shot.   I said I guess we were both right. While there seem to be more cases of colds going around now, the truth is that many of us have stopped wearing masks and are now breathing each other's air.   This normal way of living in the short term may make it more likely to get a cold but in the long term reduces illness as our immune systems return to their normal function of fighting things off in the background.  Soon you are likely to just have fewer colds as we return to normal. As reported in our blog previously, Flu season has been a huge marketing campaign in the fall that brought people to CVS, their doctor's offices, and even Costco and Shoprite.    Often these articles like a recent one found in the NY Times bring up a health concern of the what-if disease or illness and call for urgency for us to get inoculated or else.  And while you are there, you may as well get your paper towels, food, and other things or if you are getting it from your doctor, have your blood checked and have an evaluation to make sure everything is ok. Do we really need any of this?  It depends on who you speak with.  Check out the article that was featured in the NY Times recently.

A ‘Tripledemic’? Flu and Other Infections Return as Covid Cases Rise

Flu cases are higher than usual for this time of year and are expected to soar in the coming weeks. A third virus, R.S.V., is straining pediatric hospitals in some states.

By Apoorva Mandavilli Oct. 23, 2022 For more than two years, shuttered schools and offices, social distancing and masks granted Americans a reprieve from flu and most other respiratory infections. This winter is likely to be different. With few to no restrictions in place and travel and socializing back in full swing, an expected winter rise in Covid cases appears poised to collide with a resurgent influenza season, causing a “twindemic” — or even a “tripledemic,” with a third pathogen, respiratory syncytial virus, or R.S.V., in the mix. Cases of flu have begun to tick up earlier than usual, and are expected to soar over the coming weeks. Children infected with R.S.V. (which has similar symptoms to flu and Covid), rhinoviruses and enteroviruses are already straining pediatric hospitals in several states. Read more