Active Care Summary

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Active Rehabilitative Care to maximize the effectiveness of your treatment and accelerate your recuperation. Years ago, machines such as muscle stimulation, ultra sound, heat and other regimens were the standard of care. The problem with these methods were that the results were only helpful when people were in pain, and did not help the person improve long term. In today's competitive treatment environment, with its high costs, deductibles and inconsistencies, people and their insurers want cost effective results in the least time possible. Active rehabilitation gets people out of pain and functional faster and is the new standard of care because it emphasizes activity. Becoming an active participant in your health has proven to be the most effective approach to helping people get back into their normal pain free lives. Our hands on , mechanically based integrative approach to active care we offer now is what most offices will be offering in the future. We offer the future now. In our practice, we stay ahead of the curve and are on the cutting edge of what currently works in healthcare. Our patients can expect to be evaluated and treated with manual methods to the muscles for faster outcomes and then tested for functional integrity. Once the person has been deemed capable of performing the exercises, they rehab quite quickly vs. traditional rehab where the person is placed on exercises too early, experiencing pain as a result.