Adult Track and Field in Toms River NJ 2-21-10 – Check it out

I had the pleasure of being the medical staff of a USATF NJ  track and field meet at the Toms River bubble.  I helped quite a few athletes today, some of which are world class.  Where do world class athletes go after they did the olymipcs?  They are often found doing events just like these in NJ and other states.  I worked with athletes from as far away as Maryland and from the tri state area.  Above is a photo as a 200 yard sprint began.  Here is a long jump that was done at todays meet as well.  Many runners often do not know why they have tightness or pain.  My job is to help them feel better and to also give them guidance as to where they can go to get help and to help them perform better while at the event by working on them, taping their feet (many runners have body style issues) and occasionally I am called into emergency service like I was today for someone who got injured performing the high jump.  This was a wonderful event to be a part of.