Aetna discontinues use of NIA/magellan precertification for fully insured clients which is good news for you.

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Anyone who has been fully insured under Aetna through their employer knows how frustrating it has been to have their medically - necessary chiropractic care curtailed by the NIA/Magellan pre-cert program. In the beginning, it was a headache for both of us as NIA would severely restrict the care you needed.   This unfortunately created distrust between the provider, the insurer, and the patient as many services that were approved were improperly denied by Aetna, requiring us to send appeals and do other things administratively to get your bills paid. I am thrilled to tell you that this program has been discontinued in NJ as of January 1st.   This means that you can receive care under medical necessity guidelines according to the terms of your plan without a third party denying medically necessary care. If you are insured through Aetna this way, your experience on your next visit no longer requires us to precertify your care through a third party and you can use your benefits the way you wish without interference. Please call our North Brunswick office if you have any questions.