Age-appropriate fitness; a decade by decade guide to better aging through exercise.

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Cross fit is very popular and creates many chiropractic patients due to injuries using their one size fits all protocols. For those in their 60's and 70's, we understand the effect aging has on our bodies either by experience or through injury or both. Each decade of life has changes our physiology. If used properly, we can extend and enhance our lives and our health naturally.   I found this decade by decade guide which discusses the benefits of exercising and other health benefits. When we are in our first decade of life, we experience growth and development and have one set of requirements for physical activity that helps us into the following decade.  This continues throughout our lives and can help us avoid health issues such as cancer and diabetes.  Check it out below

Keeping Fit: How to Do the Right Exercise for Your Age

As we get older, our bodies benefit from different types of exercise. Here’s a guide for all ages. By Julie Broderick

The effect of exercise on health is profound. It can protect you from a range of conditions, including heart diseasetype 2 diabetes, and some cancers. But the type and amount of exercise you should do changes as you age. To ensure that you are doing the right type of exercise for your age, follow this simple guide.

Childhood and Adolescence

In childhood, exercise helps control body weightbuilds healthy bones, and promotes self-confidence and healthy sleep patterns. The government recommends that children should get at least one hour of exercise a day. As a tip:

  • Children should try a variety of sports and develop skills, such as swimming and the ability to hit and kick a ball.
  • Lots of non–scheduled physical activity is great, too, such as playing in playgrounds.
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