A New BMJ paper suggests aggressive containment of covid-19 is less successful as a moderated approach.

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A number of Asian countries have reduced covid-19 infections with aggressive containment approaches such as total lockdowns.   While this was done here for a short period of time, broadly affecting the economy and our health, infections increased when those economies reopened as they did here. The study shows those bounce-back infections were much worse with total lockdowns.   We have even seen that here in the US. Our immune systems require constant training and exposure to different things in our environment to function effectively.   Lockdowns prevent this from happening, while exposure forces the immune system to react and protect us. Vaccines have reduced severe infections but have not prevented infections.   They have helped us get to normal faster but more importantly, many of us have also gained true immunity to covid-19 after being exposed after we were vaccinated.  This allowed both types of immunity; vaccine and natural. Regardless of belief or political leanings, our immune systems have developed over thousands of years.  If they hadn't, we would not be here to have this conversation. This recent paper hopefully will guide future policy both here and abroad for both this and any future pandemics or epidemics. Check it out using this link.