Aleksandr Sorokin Ran 100 Miles at a 6:31-Mile Pace breaking two world records. Check this out.

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Is this guy a man or a machine?  Years ago I trained with a colleague of mine while I was in chiropractic school at a 6:30 pace for 5 miles.  Then I stopped due to an IT band injury and finally ran a 10 k at a 7:30 pace.  Those were of course my glory days. If someone runs a marathon for 26.2 miles at a sub-7-minute pace, that is considered great and if you are slightly faster, you would have done a sub-3-hour marathon. This guy did 100 miles at a 6:31 pace which is incredible.  Imagine doing that pace for close to 11 hours. Check out the story below

How Aleksandr Sorokin Ran 100 Miles at a 6:31-Mile Pace

The 40-year-old’s stunning performance smashed two world records on Friday Brian Metzler Jan 11, 2022 Running a mile in six and a half minutes is a challenging benchmark, one that takes considerable fitness and a strong or even all-out effort for many. For some, a 6:30 mile is the target pace for a 5K. For far fewer, it’s the pace they can maintain for an entire marathon. But on January 6, at the Spartanion 12-hour race in Tel Aviv, Israel, Lithuanian Aleksandr “Sania” Sorokin maintained a 6:31 pace for 100 miles, en route to shattering two of his own eye-popping ultradistance world records. His time of 10:51:39 smashed his standing 100-mile world record of 11:14:56, set last April. Sorokin’s performance also set the record for the greatest distance ever run in 12 hours—110.23 miles, besting his own previous world record of 105.82 miles (warranting a pace of 6:48), which he set at the same event in England last spring. For the new record, Sorokin completed 122 laps on a 0.91-mile loop course. For the first 65 miles, Sorokin held a pace that ranged between 6:13 and 6:25 per mile. He kept things up with a sub-6:55 pace as he reached the 100-mile split before eventually slowing to 7:10 and then 7:15 over the final miles, for a total average pace of 6:32. For perspective, Sorokin’s average pace equates to a 5K time of 20:18 and a marathon time of 2:51:10. But Sorokin ran the equivalent of 35 straight 5Ks, or more than four consecutive marathons. Read more