Allergies, control those attacks better with Nettle, minus the side effects.

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nettle Allergies, control those attacks better with Nettle, minus the side effects. Blowing and bagging leaves often has a bad side effect; allergy symptoms. The change of weather also has a similar effect on many of us as well as the blooming of the trees in the spring. Of course, there are other things that set off an allergy attack which can assure a night or nights and days of misery, with watery eyes, sneezing and sinus irritability, otherwise known as hay fever. Most of us have used Sudafed, as well as other medications designed to handle our bodies overzealous response to something we breathe in. Unfortunately, many of these medications have side effects including drowsiness, dry mouth and often, they do not work very well. If you have ever tried to sleep while taking non drowsy Sudafed, it has a stimulant which can make it impossible to sleep while taking it at night. A few years ago, a patient who is a medical nutritionist told me about Nettle. I picked up a bottle and it sat in my cabinet for two years until one day, after blowing the leaves and suffering from an attack, I was out of Sudafed (my usual med) but I found the unopened bottle of Nettle. I took two caplets and within the hour, it was like I never had an attack and there was no side effect whatsoever. Since then, I have used Nettle during the fall and spring and anytime I feel symptoms, two tablets almost always gives me fast relief and I have no side effects. Since then, I have been recommending it to our patients and because they have given me great feedback about the results they get, we have begun distributing the Natures Way brand of nettle. The cost is less than a box of Sudafed, I sleep through the night when I am taking it and there is no feeling in the morning of being hung over even though I did not drink the night before. Get Natures Way Nettle in both our offices for only $12 per bottle in both the Scotch Plains and No. Brunswick offices.