Allergies, hay fever and, seasonal inflammation; skip the Zyrtec and try this healthy approach instead.

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We are in the middle of hay fever season, and people sensitive to grass and pollen are suffering. Allergic rhinitis causes an inflammatory response in the body within minutes of exposure.  The symptoms feed on themselves as the body reacts, sometimes violently with watery eyes, swollen sinuses and you feel miserable. While many of us have looked to medications such as Sudafed which works but will keep you up and make you feel wired, or Zyrtec which will make you feel like you have a drug hangover, there are some natural remedies you may wish to consider. Two we regularly recommend are Nettle and Alpha-Glycosyl. which are natural remedies to reduce the symptoms naturally.  Nettle ($12.00/bottle) has been used for years and is a natural antihistamine without the side effects usually associated with antihistamine medications and Alpha Glycosyl ($29.00/bottle) is known for immune support. The two taken together on bad allergy days can make a huge difference in how you feel without the side effects of many prescription and non-prescription allergy medications.  They are also affordably priced in comparison to most medicinal products as well. We carry both of these products in our offices. A third option is to reduce inflammation in the body.   Inflammation itself can cause pain, and is the cause of many diseases such as arterial plaquing.   Inflammation when it occurs in the gut may cause stomach upset and gassiness. See the source imageWe carry a product called Deflame nutrition pack.   It is based on Jeffery Seamans's dietary recommendations to reduce inflammation.   Our office offers this product; a 30-packet supply of supplements that include Turmeric, ginger, bioflavonoids, and Omega 3 vitamins.  Since I have been taking this on a regular basis I have not had allergic rhinitis. The product lists for $60.00 and it is available in both our North Brunswick and Scotch Plains offices. This product is not a medication or a supplement taken exclusively for immune support. Reducing inflammation throughout the body has offered me the benefit of not having the usual reaction I get to ragweed and high doses of pollen.  This is the first time in years I have not taken anything for allergies. Incidentally, when I had my blood taken recently for a life insurance policy, they came back reading healthier than usual for someone my age.  I attribute this to the regular daily dosing of these packets as well. There are other benefits to low inflammation in the body as your resistance to diseases improves with your overall health.  There is evidence that many cancers thrive in an inflammatory environment so taking a product like this may reduce your risk of cancer as well as other diseases. It is possible that my active lifestyle had an effect however, a few years ago, I also had an active lifestyle and I was not taking this product. Try DeFlame today.  You may be pleasantly surprised by how you feel and function when inflammation in the body has been markedly reduced.