An Epi pill may eventually replace the over priced EpiPen

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Epipen_Auto-Injector An Epi pill may eventually replace the over priced EpiPen By now, we have all heard about how the EpiPen's manufacturer, Mylan had raised the price repeatedly to make a $7 dollar device cost over $500.  The device has approximately a $1 dosage of Epinephrine.  The CEO was making an 18 million dollar salary, mostly due to the price increases and distribution of the pen Another company is working on a pill based replacement for the EpiPen which bypasses Mylan's patent by having the dosage orally taken, which may be an acceptable replacement which can be much better priced. Check this out here. A pill may soon replace the costly EpiPen Daniel Bukszpan, special to s allergy sufferers reel from the soaring costs of the EpiPen "” a handheld auto-injection device of epinephrine made by Mylan that prevents life-threatening anaphylactic shock "” a new oral tablet alternative is being tested that could solve a host of issues. This comes at a time when the price of the injector has skyrocketed 500 percent since 2007. It now costs $500. That's an expensive dilemma for approximately 43 million people suffering from life-threatening allergies in the United States. Many find the price tag prohibitively expensive. According to Popular Science, a researcher at Nova Southeastern University in Florida is responding to both the consumer outrage over the EpiPen price hike as well as to Mylan's monopoly on the device. Rather than create a new epinephrine injector, pharmaceutical researcher Mutasem Rawas-Qalaji has been exploring the development of an Epi-Pill, an epinephrine tablet that dissolves under the tongue. Read more