Singer Annie Lennox, of Eurythmics fame suffer’s from lower back pain.

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For those of you who remember the band, the Eurythmics, Annie Lennox was the lead singer and then went off to have a successful solo career. She explains, in an interview in The Scotsman, a Scottish newspaper that her problems with back pain began in 1988. Apparently, she was at an AIDS conference in 2008 in Mexico, when she was struck down with acute lower back spasms. She had to cancel her future appearances at the time and was taken off the plane in a wheelchair, and was seen by a chiropractor attending a conference. While the details of what happened are sketchy in the story, apparently, she was sent from the chiropractor to a surgeon who released an entrapped nerve root. Since the incident, she has had a number of acute episodes of back pain. Since she is still having problems, she may have benefited from a number of chiropractic visits rather than just one at the time, although she may have been in so much pain she had surgery out of desperation. Following the history, she may have had the acute problem in her nerve root helped by the surgery, however, the cause of her back spasms was never understood or addressed.   In the most recent Annals of Internal Medicine in 2017, they recommended chiropractic manipulation as one of the first interventions for back pain and drugs and surgery as last resort.  Her problems began before the Annals of Internal Medicine made their recommendations. This may sound familiar to some who have had similar experiences.  The important thing we now understand about back pain is that it is a motion-based problem and people should not make rash decisions to have surgery when an acute episode occurs. There is more to her back problem than has been reported here, and perhaps it is time for Ms. Lennox to visit a chiropractor more regularly, and have her body mechanics evaluated since the cause of her chronic condition probably has to do with how she walks and moves.  Perhaps, she may benefit from foot orthotics and a proper understanding of how she moves and functions when not in pain. Check out the article below

Annie Lennox opens up on ‘excruciating’ back pain fight by Stuart MacDonald

Scottish singer Annie Lennox has revealed she still suffers from “excruciating” back pain more than a decade after having surgery on her spine. The former Eurythmics star pulled out of appearances and saw the release of her greatest hits album postponed after being struck down with back pain at an Aids conference in Mexico in 2008. She had suffered a back spasm, which required an operation to release a trapped nerve. She went under the knife at the time but has told how the condition flared up again over the recent festive period, leaving her in agony. In a post on Instagram, ­Lennox, 64, originally from Aberdeen, revealed her ­ongoing struggle with chronic pain caused by the injury. She wrote: “We are but human. Things happen to our bodies as we traverse through life. Read more here