Apple, I devices and your health; New devices that work off your phone and help you stay healthy.

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[caption id="attachment_5090" align="alignright" width="300"]ihealth Items on the shelf in the local Apple store[/caption] Apple, I devices and your health; New devices that work off your phone and help you stay you healthy. No one can ever be in full control of their health, because there are things that happen to us for various reasons that even our doctors may not be able to predict. We now are in the middle of a revolution that is helping us control more parts of our health and fitness spectrum than ever before. From Fitbit and Garmin, to the many fitness bands or trackers that are now available, never before have we had more ways to monitor and scientifically use data from our phones to monitor our individual health. The other day, while in the Apple store, there was a shelf full of not only these devices, but also devices that wirelessly take your blood pressure and have the display on your phone. Doctors now have devices that will transmit an EKG to their phone and they can instantly transmit the data at a much lower cost than the traditional EKG machine that required you be wired up to an expensive machine. iwatch The future is here and just yesterday, Apple introduced their new Iwatch which will be available next year and completely integrate into their universe of devices designed to put us in fuller control of our fitness, our communications and our world. Will the Iwatch device be successful? Only time will tell however, when the Ipad came out, there were naysayers who did not get it, but the public did. Everyone in the industry played catch up and Apple still leads the category with their simplistic and integrated approach. When you consider that many younger folks have given up their watches for their phones, since the phone tells time, there is a ready market for a smart watch. Most smart watches are flimsy and are likely to break easily. Apple designed theirs to be heftier, fashionable and durable. In my own watch usage, I look for durability but we may never fully realize the product until it gets into the hands of consumers next year. I have no doubt that there are companies looking to capitalize on the idea of a connected watch and phone in the Apple world and that alone is likely to help them succeed. While adoption by the masses is key, will they pay $349 for an electronic watch? That remains to be seen. What do you think? As always, I value your opinions.