Are you planning on getting vaccinated? How you get vaccinated can result in greater immunity according to the NY Times.

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We are toward the end of cold and flu season and many people continue to get the covid boosters. According to the NY Times, using both arms with multidose vaccinations is more effective than injecting the same arm with the additional dose according to researchers at Oregon Health & Science University. Apparently, using both arms improves your immune response to the vaccine.  This was true of the COVID-19 shots offered during the pandemic. Other data suggests that we respond to vaccines better if we wait 3-4 months between the initial and the second shot based on data collected in other countries that could not comply with the protocols suggested by the pharmaceutical companies who made the vaccines. As I had said during the pandemic, we were the trial and now we are learning from the data acquired during that time. Check out the NY Times article below

One Arm or Two? How You Get Vaccinated May Make a Difference.

Receiving multidose vaccinations in both arms, instead of just one, may increase the immune response, new research suggests.

By Apoorva Mandavilli Feb. 6, 2024 If you’ve presented the same arm for every dose of a particular vaccine, you may want to reconsider. A new study suggests that alternate arms may produce a more powerful immune response. The researchers studied responses to the first two doses of Covid-19 vaccines. Those who alternated arms showed a small increase in immunity over those who got both doses in the same arm. For individuals who respond poorly to vaccines because of age or health conditions, even a small boost may turn out to be significant, the researchers said. At this point in the pandemic, with most people having had multiple vaccine doses or infections, alternating arms for COVID-19 vaccines may not offer much benefit. Read more