Are your prescription drugs hurting you nutritionally?

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Are your prescription drugs hurting you nutritionally? It is no secret that prescription drugs can do harm, which is why they require a doctors prescription; they are not safe enough to be given without someone else monitoring their effect. Often, problems like blood pressure are safely handled by perscriptions. A side effect that is rarely spoken about is how the drug affects you nutritionally. Check out this article that you should find to be of interest to you. Thursday, August 16, 2012 by: Melissa A. Bartoszewski, DC (NaturalNews) Many people do not realize that the medications they take on a daily basis can negatively affect the amount of nutrients stored in the body. Numerous drugs actually deplete specific vitamins and minerals, causing a whole host of additional problems. Being aware of what is being depleted by the prescription you are taking can help you to choose what to supplement with. Vitamins and minerals are vital for the everyday cellular processes in your body; inadequate amounts may lead to decreased immunity, digestive issues and much more. Below are a few examples of some commonly prescribed drugs and a list of the nutrients that are automatically depleted. Read more