Avoiding chronic lower back pain is as simple as visiting a chiropractor first.

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Growing evidence suggests that medical management of lower back pain is more likely to leave you with chronic lower back problems than visiting a chiropractor or physical therapist first according to a recent study. Insurers now have reams of data showing that visiting a chiropractor first reduces the cost and chronicity of lower back pain. Chronic back pain is worsened by pain management, medication, and back surgery which can further reduce the ability to move. The guidelines from the Annals of Internal Medicine in 1997 are frequently ignored by the medical community.   Medical physicians frequently use pain killers and anti-inflammatory cocktails as an initial model of care which is said to be considered a last resort for relief from the Annals of Internal Medicine.  This as well as frequent use of imaging such as x-ray or MRI as an initial screen adds little or no benefit and may expose the patient to further risk. Many patients do not improve this way, resulting in their acute lower back problem becoming a chronic one. Commonly, chronic lower back pain is avoidable with appropriate care and management It is quite common for an initial episode of lower back pain to feel better, only to return with increasing regularity because the mechanisms that caused the first injury were never properly addressed.  Common symptoms of back pain chronicity include tightness, pain in the morning or frequent groin or muscle pulls from activities that were only mildly strenuous as well as mid back stiffnessw, neck pain and shoulder joint problems. Our b0dies adapt but poor adaptation and the way the brain memorizes even dysfunctional movement patterns may be the underlying reasons for chronic lower back pain. Medically, when you move up the food chain to higher-end specialists, the care becomes more invasive and is more likely to result in a chronic lower back problem. As many large medical groups and hospitals buy physician practices and want to keep these patients from going outside their systems, the likelihood of poor medical management for a back problem increases.   The larger problem is that these systems rarely hire or refer to chiropractors, ignoring the current medical evidence to do so. Some medical providers are beginning to regularly refer to chiropractic physicians.   Our office has regularly suggested that medical providers shadow us to better understand why chiropractors are so effective, yet none ever do.   More physicians are becoming chiropractic patients for lower back pain problems and have enjoyed the same type of results as their patients experienced for lower back pain. Commonly, patients are self referring to chiropractors, after doing their own research. A recent study at the University of Pittsburgh shows that seeing a chiropractor first reduces the incidence of chronic lower back pain while reducing costs.

Visiting a chiropractor first is the safest way to a healthier back.

Chiropractors have the best reputation for the management of lower back pain according to Bottom Line Personal, Optum Health and Consumer Reports. Chiropractors look at the body and evaluate holistically, meaning they look at how you move and function.   They are the only profession holistically evaluating and treating the body.   Holistic means they look at everything and are through.

What happens during your first chiropractic visit?

Your doctor of chiropractic will perform a thorough history, take  your vitals and do a comprehensive evaluation.  Chiropractic evaluation includes looking at your posture, your feet, your ability to move, sqat,  bend and your sense of balance, as well as the urual orthopedic and neurological tests.  They will look at your foot posture, since this is one of the most common mechanisms behind lower back pain. If there are no problems that prevent care on the first visit, your doctor will do what is necessary to help you get relief on the first visit. Treatment may include myofascial release, instrument assisted soft tissue treatment, manipulation of the spine and extremities, exercises and lifestyle advice to prevent and manage your lower back. Being that chiropractors are holistic in their thinking and approach to care, it is not unusual for patients to have numerous problems resolve with a series of visits to their chiropractor. If you have lower back pain, see your chiropractor first.  If there is a condition that requires medical attention, they will evaluate it and offer a referral to the proper test or healthcare provider. Schdule your appointment today using this link.