Is your back pain medication making your problem last longer?

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Numerous resources have suggested that who you see first for lower back pain can alter the course of care, the cost of care, and the chronicity of lower back pain. Consumer Reports and other trusted publications have reported that patients who visited chiropractors for lower back pain had higher satisfaction levels with lower overall costs as compared to both Medical Management or Physical Therapy. The Annals of Internal Medicine in February of 2017 issued guidelines for non-pharmaceutical approaches to lower back pain.   The guidelines are often ignored by medical providers who continue to order MRI or x-ray imaging which is often considered low value in terms of its relationship to why you hurt and its value in the treatment and diagnosis of lower back pain. They continue to prescribe medications that have no evidence of their effectiveness. If someone sees a chiropractor first, they are likely to be holistically evaluated instead of only evaluating the area of complaint. A holistic approach is far more likely to lead to a more appropriate diagnosis of not only the problem but also the source which can often be in a different area than the painful part. Optum, a division of United Healthcare stated that their data shows that seeing a chiropractor first reduces costs, and leads to safer and better outcomes for lower back pain. They even went so far as to remove a patient's copayment for their first three visits to incentivize patients to see a chiropractor first. There is also growing evidence that medication makes back problems more chronic as patients postpone appropriate care. Unfortunately, many plans have manipulated the public with tiered plans, high copayments, and high deductibles which have patients in need postponing needed care.

Lower back pain can be caused by

  • Upper back problems.
  • Foot problems
  • Gait issues
  • Hip joint problems
  • Shoulder problems
  • Tight legs
  • Coccyx problems
  • Core dysfunction.
Perhaps this is why an evaluation of your lower back must include an evaluation of the entire body including how you move and function. This is what happens during a first chiropractic visit.

What to expect during a visit to a chiropractor for lower back pain.

  • A holistic thorough history of your problems.
  • A thorough evaluation includes taking your vitals.
  • A treatment as long as there are no contraindications to doing so.
  • An explanation of what is being found by the doctor.
  • Recommendation for foot orthotics if needed to help balance the pelvis and improve how you function from the ground up.

What does chiropractic treatment consist of

Chiropractors are known for manual manipulation of the spine and extremities.  They perform more of these procedures than any other health professional. Chiropractors will also use treatments such as myofascial release to improve how you move prior to manipulating the joints of the spine or extremities. Exercises are used to build and strengthen dysfunctional areas. Foot orthotics are often recommended to reduce the risk of future lower back problems and to improve how you move. As you can see, chiropractors are much more than having someone adjust your back.   They are primary care for the musculoskeletal system and a needed part of the healthcare system. Your most effective chiropractors will use multiple methods to help you feel and function better.  Find out why chiropractic is the number 1 profession to visit for drugless care of the lower back today.  Book online here.