I just bent over and hurt lower back

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I just bent over in the shower and my lower back locked up
She was in visiting her daughter, from Germany over the past few months. She stated that she bent over to pick up the soap in the shower and the lower back locked up. How often does this happen I asked. A few times a year she stated. She often just waits for it to go away. Her daughter said that her hip always sticks out to the side and as soon as this happened, she called to have her mom looked at. Have you ever been to a chiropractor I asked? No, she said, since they are not so common in Germany.
She was standing with her left hip sticking out to the side, apparently a veteran at this type of problem. Her stomach muscles were in spasm as well as her lower back muscles and her feet had little support of their own. Her arches were flat on one side and the other side toed out. I had suggested she should purchase some shoe inserts and proceeded to loosen up her back muscles. She then received her first adjustment and heard a number of pops in her back with the maneuvers. As she got off the table, she could tell that it was much easier to stand up straight than before. During her follow-up visit and there was a marked change in how she got out of the chair in the reception area. She said that it was easier getting around and that she never had this type of treatment before but was enthusiastic about how quickly this changed the problem. She also found the shoe inserts to be helpful. There was less tightness in her hips and stomach today, although the left hip was still somewhat protruding laterally. I worked on some other muscles in her stomach and deep in the pelvis that was quite tight and loosened the area some more. The second adjustment has more pops than the first and she got off the table standing straighter than she had in quite some time. Her daughter commented on how straight she was. She then scheduled for her follow-up visit and left the office, much more at ease with less pain and improved mobility.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

People live busy lives balancing the needs of their families and children, with their own and often ignoring problems such as neck or lower back pain that may appear to come and go.  The truth is, we are mechanical beings and while it is more convenient to take a pill for relief, the inconvenient truth is that mechanical problems worsen over time without being diagnosed and treated appropriately. Most of our weekend emergencies have a similar pattern of a problem that comes and goes and then no longer goes away, resulting in a painful episode, some of which are quite painful and can be difficult to treat. Our approach to care is to be thorough, holistic meaning we will dig for facts to better understand why you are in pain and to offer treatment optimized to your unique situation.   Our primary care approach to the musculoskeletal system improves diagnostic and treatment effectiveness. We are here to help.  If you suffer from sciatica, neck pain, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, back pain, or other musculoskeletal problems, chiropractors should be your first choice for these types of problems. We offer both weekday and late evening appointments in both North Brunswick and Scotch Plains NJ offices. Book online using this link.