Runners World recommends the best trail running shoes for 2018.

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Runners World recommends the best trail running shoes for 2018. If you run on trails, you need a shoe that is capable of uneven terrain.  It must also work with your foot and body style as well. Runners world just compiled their 13 best of list for trail shoes for 2018.  Which one do you think they picked as an Editors choice? Depending on how you run and where you run, you may want a waterproof shoe or one with a special type of tread designed for the places you typically run. Also, if you are a casual runner, you may want a different type of shoe than a more serious competitive runner as well. Check out their recommendations The 13 Best Trail Running Shoes The Runner’s World Editors’ picks for the 13 best trail running shoes currently on the market. What trail running means to runners is as varied and unique as the off-road terrain that we cover. To some, trail running is a spiritual, transformative experience that may help develop understanding about the environment and mortality previously unknown to us. But you don’t have to experience a transcendentalist mindset or nirvana to qualify as a trail runner. To many others, running a short trail adjacent to a local park is an easy way to add extra miles onto a regular neighborhood loop. These benefits are equally bona fide, and they’re what inspire ultrarunners and weekend warriors alike to spend more time outside. Whatever your preference or personal ideology, we here at Runner’s World think every runner can be a trail runner, especially with the help of a good pair of shoes. The two main things to consider before purchasing a trail running shoe are what type of shoes your feet need (think stiff or pliable, neutral or stable, wide or narrow, high or low heel-to-toe drop) and what type of shoes the terrain you run demands. With the latter, try to think about whether the trails you encounter are technical or smooth, flat or steep, have loose or firm footing, and whether or not you cross water. Read more