If you want better posture, here is a shoulder workout from Runners World Magazine that can help.

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Posture is vitally important for runners.   It affects our wellbeing even if you are someone who sits at a desk all day. Improving posture begins from the ground up.  One of the easiest ways is to wear foot orthotics which levels the hips and improves the way you stand.   A strong core is also important, especially the posterior chain and the fascia that surrounds it. [caption id="attachment_12472" align="alignleft" width="300"] man-in-posture-brace[/caption] Sure, you can cheat by wearing one of those posture braces but this is a temporary low-cost fix that may help you feel better but will not get to the cause of your poor postural habits. Also, devices like this can over time decondition the body for what it should do naturally Finally, you can strengthen and tone your upper body, as Runners World suggests in this article.  Check it out below.

A Shoulder Workout for Better Posture

Stand up taller and ditch neck pain with these 10 exercises. BY DANIELLE ZICKL AND KELLY COLE, CPT JUL 14, 2020 For building strong arms, biceps and triceps exercises are great—but most of us have weak shoulders, thanks to years of leaning over a desk and your cell phone (womp, womp). This could lead to poor running posture, too. The good news is, all it takes are some upper body strength exercises to pull them back into the proper position, improve your posture, and reduce neck pain. Not to mention, almost all upper body movement—both when you’re performing exercises or during everyday activities—involves your shoulder in some way. That means working those muscles will allow you to perform tasks and exercises with heavier weights without injury. Read more