Better quality sleep improves the quality of your work; here’s how.

Better quality sleep improves the quality of your work; here’s how.

September is here and the post-labor day w0rkload is beginning to ramp up.   Are you getting enough quality sleep?

Poor sleep habits are going to make you less alert and may affect your overall health.   Poor sleep may also make you more sensitive to pain stimuli as well.

Work burnout is a rampant problem and especially during and after our covid-19 pandemic,  a study published through the American Academy of Sleep Medicine shows us that there is a connection.

It is estimated that companies may lose up to 60 billion dollars in productivity due to poor sleep and its effect on worker productivity.

Rolling Stone Magazine recently published an article offering some ideas on how to improve sleep.  Check it out below

Why Sleep Impacts the Quality of Your Work and My Tips on How to Improve It

Why settle for anything but great sleep?


The Covid-19 pandemic has caused work and life as we know it to change drastically, driving record levels of burnout and insomnia. According to research findings from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, more than half of respondents reported problems sleeping since the start of the pandemic. Research from Deloitte found that 77 percent of people have experienced burnout at their current job — and the correlation is no coincidence.

Sleep affects every part of the body, including our brains. According to the Sleep Foundation, without quality sleep, the “neurons in the brain become overworked, impairing thinking, slowing physical reactions, and leaving people feeling emotionally drained.” And, unfortunately, chronic poor sleep can lead to feelings of stress and burnout, feelings that can make productivity a significant challenge — it’s a vicious cycle that has massive consequences. In fact, U.S. companies stand to lose $60 billion due to losses in productivity and fatigue at work linked to poor sleep.

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