Can a body be overweight and still have food cravings? Check this out.

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diet_scale Can a body be overweight and still have food cravings?  Check this out. Why do some people suffer from food cravings, even though they are clearly over weight.  Hunger is a hormonal signal which helps the body determine its set point for weight. For some of us, the set point is way too high, resulting in over eating and obesity. There may be ways to change this, but first, we must understand why we crave and how to change these behaviors and cravings, helping us get to a more appropriate weight. WHY DO I ALWAYS FEEL HUNGRY WHEN I AM SO OVERWEIGHT? Tom Slijkerman, Food Science Expert. Hunger is a hormonal signal from your body to ultimately guide you to a certain body composition set-point, that your body regards as being the safest for your particular lifestyle history, in order not to die from food shortages (this might not be a contemporary type of danger for most of us anymore, but evolution is not the fastest responding mechanism). This aiming for a certain set-point is called homeostasis, and is found for many other variables within our bodies: body temperature, blood pressure, glucose levels, etc. So, even if you're overweight, but just a bit under your personal set-point, you'll become and stay hungry more easily. Your DNA's risk management (which is different for everybody) sets the levels of this set-point, and considers the following; Read more