Can coffee help your liver function better? The NY Times discusses a new study on the benefits of coffee.

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coffee Many of us live by our morning cup of coffee. Some of us drink iced coffee as well looking for that morning buzz to help begin the day. I am personally in love with espresso, which is a concentrated shot of coffee common in Europe and found in Cappuccino. Starbucks has further developed our taste for the cup of Jo, to something that is more sophisticated than the old watery cup we used to get the local diner years ago What most of us never think about is that coffee actually can help lower liver enzymes and help it stay healthier. Would coffee be beneficial to those who are on Statin cholesterol-lowering medications since it has this benefit? While I cannot answer that question, a recent study discussed in the NY Times reveals that the cup of coffee we love is good for the function of our Liver. Check it out below

Coffee May Protect the Liver