Can regular exercise reduce the risk of cancer?

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Scientists still do not have a cure for cancer, however, they have many ideas about which foods may increase our risk of getting the disease. Statistically, they also know that regular exercise reduces the risk as well according to the NY Times. Colorectal cancer in particular has reduced risk with those who are physically active. Physical activity increases gut motility moving waste through the gut faster. A recent study suggests the answer may be in the blood itself.  Apparently, exercise increase inflammation in the bloodstream and as a result, they see fewer cancer cells. While this is just preliminary science, it may give us the basics for how the body reduces cancer on its own, with physical activity. Is it possible that the increased occurrence of cancer in todays population may be due to a reduction of activity? Check out the NY Times article below

Why Does Exercise Guard Against Cancer? Inflammation May Play a Role

By Gretchen Reynolds April 22, 2019 One of the most important benefits of exercise is in how it reduces our risk of developing a number of types of cancer — especially colorectal cancer, which according to some estimates is the malignancy most influenced by physical activity. But how workouts guard against colon cancer remains largely unknown. Physical activity speeds the movement of waste through the intestines, as anyone who has had to hunt for a bathroom during a workout knows. But this does not seem to fully account for the protective effects of exercise. Instead, a small study published in February in The Journal of Physiology suggests we should also look to changes in our bloodstream after exercise. Read more