Can you reduce your cravings for sweets? Check out this recent Time Magazine article.

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Sugar in small doses, whether it comes from sweeteners, sodas, or even bread is probably ok, but the recent Dietary guidelines that were published suggest that we need to reduce our sugar consumption markedly to stay healthy (1). Way too many Americans are overweight, and part of the reason has to do with there being too much sugar in our diets.   Sugars affect the brain causing an addiction of sorts, and we sometimes refer to those people are carbohydrate addicts.   Sugar will cause euphoria but later on, as your body deals with its effects, your energy level is likely to plunge later and you may even want to nap.  This is what is often felt after large holiday meals. Part of carb addiction is the craving for sweets.   The good news is that you can reduce those cravings markedly by staying away for a period of time.  As someone who has markedly curtailed their sugar intake over the past few years, I can tell you even my tolerance to overly sweet things has changed which health-wise is a good thing. Check out this article in Time Magazine.  If you are a sweet lover or a carb addict, this article is for you.

How to Get Rid of Your Sweet Tooth

Alice Park Jan. 5, 2016 We all like sweet things, but we should be eating less sugar. Now a study hints that it may be possible to tone down our taste for sugar A little-discussed factor that can make dieting difficult is the issue of tolerance. Our bodies get used to a certain amount of fat, a certain amount of sugar, or a certain amount of salt. The more we eat, the more that tolerance builds" and that just makes us need more of the stuff in order to "œtaste" it. Now a study shows it may be possible to reverse that trend and quiet the demands of a sweet tooth. Other studies have shown that its possible to retrain the taste buds to desire less salt "decrease the amount of salt you eat for a while and then the same foods you found the acceptable start to taste too salty. Read more here.
  1. Can you reduce your cravings for sweets?  Check out this recent Time Magazine article.