Charlie Sheen’s alternative medicine doctor and AIDS, why aren’t these alternatives allowed to be mainstream?

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Doctors often are frustrated by the inability to help their patients find a cure, and some are willing to step outside the lines to use unconventional science in their quest for a cure. Those to step out of line are often ostracized until they do something that finally gets them to be recognized for their greatness.  Others shamelessly promote useless treatments to the desperate among us, charging ridiculous fees for the services that are of little value, something the public often has difficulty with since they all wear white coats.  Many drugs do not do what they are advertised to do as well, and many people die from this mainstream approach, so perhaps everything that is a potential cure probably should be allowed its due, without the interference of moneyed interests we often see in our healthcare system. True, drug companies do not want to undermine their markets, and as Drs. Barry Marshall and Robin Warren of Perth, Australia who figured out the H. Pylori found out, part of the reason their reputation was harmed, was drug companies were selling drugs that made billions of dollars.  Consequently, their findings were confirmed when Dr. Marshall infected and cured himself, showing that he believed in what he was saying and finally was listened to.  There are many instants of groups of physicians unwilling to consider alternative methods that should become mainstream as in this previous blog post here. As many of you had probably heard, Charlie Sheen, the actor after many years of promiscuity contracted AIDS. As a result of the drugs side effects which included effects to his mental state and incontinence, he found  Dr. Sam Chachoua, an Australian doctor who claims he found a cure for AIDS years ago and says he has successfully treated many people with the condition using a goat virus that he also claims can cure cancer as well when given in vaccination form. While this is a huge claim, Charlie Sheen was said to have been AIDS-free after his brief treatment which works because the virus is preventative, and cancels out the effect of the AIDS virus.  Consequently, Bill Maher interviewed him on Real Time, his program on HBO. The question is not just one of believability, but as a society, we should be studying all treatments, and if there was ever a good use for the government, it would be to cure diseases such as AIDS and Cancer.   Chemo, which has been around for years has not changed much, and new "cures" are just expensive and profit off the misery of others, while we attempt to make our healthcare system more cost-effective.  Do we really need drug companies involved when there is a clear conflict of interest when a cure is bad for their profit stream?  Do the Sloan Ketterings of the world really want a cure for cancer?   Cures are bad for the business model of diseases and perhaps, this is why doctors such as this one are often ostracized.   Is he for real?    Check him out for yourself, watch the episode on Bill Maher yourself and you decide. Why did Charlie Sheen go back on his meds after the treatment?   Questions, questions, questions. Check out this article on his interview, which is skeptical in its view, but isn't this a subject for skeptics?

Bill Maher Gives Charlie Sheen's Goat Milk Doctor Some Real-Time

The controversial Australian doctor currently practicing in Mexico who claims to have successfully treated HIV-positive actor Charlie Sheen through a goat-milk derived alternative therapy was given some serious and seriously unchallenged Real Time on HBO last night, though Sheen's return to the conventional treatments that saved his life was barely acknowledged by the doctor or host Bill Maher. "œPeople are going to attack me just for having you on," Maher said during the one-on-one interview with Samir Chachoua that took a top-of-the-show spot on Friday's Real Time With Bill Maher. And indeed they did. Peter Staley, an AIDS and gay rights activist whose foundational work with ACT-UP and its spin-off the Treatment Action Group was profiled in the Oscar-nominated 2012 How to Survive a Plague, posted a Facebook message saying, "œThis is the last thing AIDS activists need to be dealing with right now. But we'll have to because I know for sure that some folks will end up dead because of all this. This is a form of AIDS denialism, and it just had its big HBO premiere." Read more Then check this article out in the daily mail.  Still confused?