Charschan Chiropractic is face mask optional after a new order from the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs.

Charschan Chiropractic is face mask optional after a new order from the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs.

We are no longer requiring facemasks in either of our offices either in the public areas or in the treatment rooms after the latest announcement from the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs.

Following the science of virology shows us that face masking at the beginning of the pandemic may have made sense as a precautionary measure when we had very little understanding of the Covid-19 virus. We are here today because of the science behind adaptation and the masks clearly make it more difficult for our immune systems to adapt by blocking those elements from entering our lungs allowing our immune systems to protect us from these elements.

As we move further into endemic status, there will always be a new virus, a new variant and we will adapt. For those who are truly immunocompromised, you may want to continue to wear a mask around others however, over time being unmasked is healthier for us.

The same can be said for the incessant use of hand sanitizers which reduce the contact of these substances that our immune system learns to protect us from.

This is the road back to normal.   We will have masks available for anyone who wishes to use one and we ask anyone who has a cold or suspects they may have one to wear a mask to protect others.

We look forward to seeing you on your next visit and your face as well

Below is the announcement we received on 7/26/2022.

Division of Consumer Affairs Issues New Order Regarding Screening and Other Protocols in Office Practices

ANJC Members:

Per our letter dated April 7th requesting that the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs (NJ DCA) address the administrative order continuing healthcare offices’ use of covid screening measures and protocols, including the wearing of masks, the NJ DCA has issued a modification of administrative order DCA-2021-11. This modified order makes revisions to the COVID-19 screening and other protocols and procedures that had been in effect since May 6, 2021.

As of today, the mask and screening requirements pertaining to office-based healthcare practices, ARE NO LONGER IN effect per the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs; requirements may still apply per your location, such as a hospital, and in accordance with regulations/guidelines.  All offices are still required to comply with CDC, NJ Department of Health, and local health department regulations.