Charschan Chiropractic is no longer participating with Oxford Health Plans as of February 28th, 2017

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Charschan Chiropractic is no longer participating with Oxford Health Plans as of February 28th, 2017 Due to recent reimbursement changes within Oxford Health Plans, we are no longer participating with this plan as of February 28th, 2017.  Charschan Chiropractic has worked with Oxford Health Plans since 2000 however, their newest reimbursement scheme for chiropractors is incompatible with the high quality of care our patients have learned to expect and deserve. They no longer reimburse chiropractors for their evaluations as of 2/1/2017 which is important, since it is how we determine what type of care is appropriate.  They are also no longer reimbursing for x rays so patients who are in pain would need to be sent out.  We do not agree that their new model will improve the quality of care, and is likely to greatly degrade it. As our patients know, we take care of many difficult to treat cases, many of whom have not improved in other offices but improved in ours.   Their newest model is bad for chiropractors, bad for healthcare and reduces the incentive to do a thorough job, while improving their profits. Those who know our office have come to depend on our honest, straight forward approach that is quite thorough.  We will not reduce the quality of care and evaluations we provide as their newest idea would likely force us to do. Our patients also have come to expect that we do not take shortcuts, and will spend the time to help them get their problem resolved.   Oxfords new reimbursement model cares little about how time consuming or complex a case is, and is incompatible with our practice model. Patients who have high deductibles are likely to not see any difference since they are used to paying for their care until their deductible is met.  We will continue to bill Oxford for those out of network claims. Those who do not have out of network coverage may have the option at their time of renewal to join any of the plans that we currently work with and we would be happy to keep them as part of our chiropractic family.   Charschan Chiropractic also offers fair and  affordable regular fees that will fit most budgets.