Chia seeds benefits to your health.

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Chia seeds benefits to your health.

Chia seeds which have been a staple in latin America are making a comeback.   Many of you may remember the chia pet which was huge years ago and is still made.  It basically was a small statue that you would plant chia seeds on and it grows like hair. It is basically an herb garden. Chia, according to a recent NY Times article, Chia seeds which are high in fatty acids and have lots of fiber can help you feel full longer, and may actually help you reduce your food intake. They are basically a very healthy food source that can be added to smoothies and baked into cakes and other goods. Check out this recent NY Times article on Chia seeds

The Seeds Strike Back

Chia seeds are back (again) — and nutritionists and doctors say there are good reasons for it.

By Dani Blum Aug. 26, 2022 Chia seeds are making a comeback — again. They’re sprouting up on store shelves and packed into puddings and pretzels and even jams. According to forecasts from Grand View Research, a firm that tracks the food industry, the market for chia seeds is expected to grow by more than 22 percent per year between 2019 and 2025. Such is the life cycle of the chia seed — always popping up in one trend or another. The seeds have long been a staple in Latin America, and were even offered to Aztec gods during religious ceremonies, but every generation in America seems to think they’ve discovered them for the first time, said Beth Czerwony, a registered dietitian with the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Human Nutrition. Read more