Our children need dirt and germ exposure says a new article for a healthy immune system.

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Our children need dirt and germ exposure says a new article for a healthy immune system. A few years ago, the world went Prell crazy.  The hand sanitizer was everywhere, and parents were using on their children and on themselves. While the idea of germ free sounds great, the problem is that we need to constantly exercise our immune system.   Our first colds, our first exposure to the elements, to other people and even to those of us who have a cold is important.  Our immune system must be constantly exercised for you to develop immunities to many of the germs that can make us ill. Prell, unfortunately, killed many of those germs which actually can make our natural immunity less effective than it potentially can be. If you want to get vaccinated naturally, go on a crowded train, and expose yourself to humanity; you have just been vaccinated naturally, and exercised your immune system. A recent article discusses the idea that our children need a constant exposure to things such as dirt, and it, and the microbes that exist there are great for our immunity. Check out the article here Dirt Is Good': Why Kids Need Exposure To Germs Lulu Garcia-Navarro As a new parent, Jack Gilbert got a lot of different advice on how to properly look after his child: when to give him antibiotics or how often he should sterilize his pacifier, for example. After the birth of his second child, Gilbert, a scientist who studies microbial ecosystems at the University of Chicago, decided to find out what's actually known about the risks involved when modern-day children come in contact with germs. "It turned out that most of the exposures were actually beneficial," Gilbert says. "So that dirty pacifier that fell on the floor — if you just stick it in your mouth and lick it, and then pop it back in little Tommy's mouth, it's actually going to stimulate their immune system. Their immune system's going to become stronger because of it." Read more