Children need exercise; why brawnier children have better bones.


Children need exercise; why brawnier children have better bones.

Children who are brawnier have better and healthier bones says a new study. We all know that we need exercise; especially children and what we do when we are young affects us as we age.

Bone health apparently follows this logic says a new study. This is why our children need to be playing, outside and be involved with sports and other active games and activities. Check this out

For child bone health, brawnier is better

The muscle-bone correlation was found to be stronger for girls than it was for boys.

SOUTHAMPTON, England, April 14 (UPI) — In studying bone development in growing children, scientists at the University of Southampton found greater muscle mass is linked with healthier bones. Fat, on the other hand, was found to be unrelated to bone development.

Researchers at Southampton’s Medical Research Council compared muscle mass and bone density data collected as a part of the Southampton Women’s Survey. Measurements from 200 children — including imaging to determine bone mineral density, shape and size of the tibia, as well as overall skeletal composition — were recorded shortly after birth. Followup measurements were taken as the participants turned six or seven years old. Scientists found a significant correlation between greater muscle mass and stronger, sturdier bones.

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