Chiropractic reduces the need for additional back surgeries according to a new study.

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Most of our patients already know that chiropractic management of lower back pain is effective and when done naturally, can greatly reduce the risk of needing surgery in the future. What happens when you have already had back surgery; can you avoid surgery in the future?   According to a new study, chiropractic management of back pain after surgery reduces the risk of further back surgeries being needed.   It has been my personal experience that post-surgical back pain patients should begin chiropractic care after surgery if they hadn't considered it before having the procedure as it naturally addresses why you were hurting mechanically using natural methods. While considered safe for post-surgical cases, often gait (the way you walk) is partially responsible for back pain and correcting this and the way you move reduces the forces on the spine that caused the degeneration or the disc problem most likely related to why you needed the surgery in the first place. Better yet, consider seeing a chiropractor before having surgery as many patients resolve their painful condition of back pain and sciatica with chiropractic methods, and may never need the surgery. Check out this article that discusses the study and the benefits of chiropractic care post-surgical.

Chiropractic Care May Reduce Need for Future Back Surgeries: Study

A new study shows that chiropractic treatments may significantly lower the risk of repeat lumbar surgeries post-discectomy.

By Sheramy Tsai 1/20/2024 Every year, half a million Americans find themselves on the operating table for lumbar discectomies to combat debilitating lower back pain caused by herniated discs. Yet this path to relief isn’t always straightforward—up to 14 percent of patients find themselves needing additional surgery, underscoring the complexities of effectively treating persistent back pain. However, hope emerges from University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, where recent research indicates that chiropractic care could significantly reduce the rates of secondary surgeries. Published in BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, the study casts a new light on the potential of spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) in the aftercare of lumbar discectomy. Led by chiropractic physician Robert J. Trager, the research delved into the experiences of adults grappling with ongoing sciatica—a form of pain radiating along the sciatic nerve—post-surgery. Over a two-year observation period, the study compared the outcomes of patients receiving SMT with those under standard medical care. It found chiropractic intervention could significantly reduce the need for further surgical interventions. Read more Need relief of pain now?  Book online here