Who is the chiropractor near me in Scotch Plains and North Brunswick, NJ?

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Who is the chiropractor near me in Scotch Plains and North Brunswick NJ? There are many reasons to choose a chiropractor, but whom should you choose?  Often, people will type in the words chiropractor near me to find out who is closest and reviews may or may not be helpful since some of the best chiropractors have few reviews on line. For many of us, it is important to find someone who is in our insurance plan, yet for others, a personal referral is desirable and yet for others, it is finding the person who can understand why they hurt.   Finding the right chiropractor, as any professional can be a life changing choice, since the right chiropractor can help you and your family for years to come. Availability is another important consideration.   Our offices in North Brunswick have long hours to serve you most days from 9-7pm.  Our Scotch Plains office has late hours after 8pm Wed and Thurs as well as Sunday morning hours from 8:30 by appointment.  We also offer Thursday morning appointments as well. The services offered by chiropractors can vary.  Which techniques are desirable to you?   Does the technique matter as long as the doctor gets great results.   Our office uses active evaluation and treatment regimens, which is the current trend in healthcare which is moving away from less effective passive care.   We believe that improvement is a team effort. We encourage our patients through exercise instruction and home instruction to help themselves improve faster by performing exercises as a homework assignment.  Simply showing up a few times per week for passive treatment is not enough, especially with tough chronic treatment resistant health problems. Our hands on approach includes myofascial release, Graston instrument assisted treatment as well as manipulation and exercise instruction.  Our office gets great results with foot orthotics to improve a pedal imbalance, often the source of many long standing back problems. An integrated movement based approach offers the best outcomes, especially with the treatment of back pain and sciatic pain. A few years ago, I authored the book Cheating Mother Nature, that explained what causes most chronic pain.   It looks at the body from the eyes of an engineer.   Our offices holistic approach can solve most mechanical problems such as neck pain, back pain, sciatic pain, knee pain and foot issues.   The belief that you require an orthopedic to look at the painful part is an old allopathic idea that often results in therapies that do not work well applied to the painful part.  Holistically, a chiropractors has learned that knee problems for instance a result of the foot, hip and back working poorly.  You will never understand knee pain fully be just looking at the knee, however, an orthopedic is necessary if the history suggests the knee has internal damage that requires surgical reconstruction.  Your chiropractor is the best trained doctor to determine this and since they are physicians, they will often begin treatment immediately, which may result in a quick non surgical resolution of your problem, while avoiding unnecessary tests that can be quite costly. The best chiropractor near me is a personal decision.  We offer a comprehensive active treatment and evaluation approach that will resolve most musculoskeletal complaints, including those that are chronic and acute.   If your problem requires medical attention, we will refer you to the right medical provider for you. You can use our request an appointment link on the web site to schedule your first visit to our office located to the right of this article.