Check out this terrific Olympics commercial that speaks loudly about how chiropractors help athletes.

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  [caption id="attachment_13438" align="alignright" width="333"] A much younger Dr. Charschan working a track and field event.[/caption] Chiropractors are known for helping athletes recover quickly and perform at athletic events.  In my years as a sports chiropractor, it was the chiropractor that often had a line waiting to see them as they help athletes.  Athletes understood that the chiropractor knew what to do to help them at a live event. Sports Chiropractic began in NJ with a chiropractor/physical therapist named Joe Santiago.    Joe taught me when I got my sports certification and I was grateful to have known him.   His sons, Jimmy and Phil continue to practice in NJ.  Their family is considered chiropractic royalty. Phil became an international ambassador for chiropractic and was involved in chiropractic education through the NYCC.   I had worked soccer tournaments years ago when I was just a few years in practice. He also was the chiropractor for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. I spent 26 years as the medical director of USATF in NJ helping runners both young and old perform and succeed while avoiding further injury. I also helped people find good chiropractors near where they lived while better understanding why they hurt. This video from The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress gets it right.  Enjoy. [video width="1280" height="534" mp4=""][/video]