Customized Stretches and Exercises

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Customized Exercise Programs

Our offices offer a unique approach to exercise and rehabilitation in the chiropractic setting, with protocols that have been tested for their effectiveness over our many years of helping patients like yourself. According to current research, exercise needs to be a part of the rehabilitation that people experience because the areas involved are weak, tight, poorly coordinated and require reeducation. Many people who are given exercise programs fail to improve and in fact, find their problems are aggravated by the process. Others, feel better while going, only to go back into their normal daily lives and find the problems returned, and their problem was never truly resolved. If the diagnosis and process of rehabilitation is so good, why were the results so uneven? Our office is unique because we evaluate you on every visit, not just at the beginning of care because you and your diagnosis should change and improve from visit to visit. Our unique active evaluation and treatment treat - test - treat protocol helps patients avoid the disappointment of ineffective treatment. This is a method on the forefront of cost effectiveness because each visit, your body should change in response to our treatment methods and we should be able to prove that it did by retesting. Based on these changes, and the way we challenge the body part, we can witness improvement based on cause and function, rather than just asking you how you are doing and assigning protocols that are often hit or miss. The end result is a better rehabilitation experience, more appropriate exercises and in the case of many of our patients, speedy relief and a return to our prior activities, with little fear of re-injury. While it is impossible to guarantee that every patients problem is resolvable, our methods markedly improve our long term outcomes and satisfaction with the care patients receive. Exercises are only given when active evaluation methods prove you can tolerate it. Why load an area with exercises that cannot tolerate the forces of gravity? Exercises, Myofascial Treatment and chiropractic manipulation are the winning team when combined with active evaluation methods. As always, if we believe you are not a candidate for care in our office, we will always refer you to one of the great doctors we affiliate with. The good news is, most people are great candidates for care in our offices.